Visiting Knit in Charleston

•August 3, 2008 • Comments Off on Visiting Knit in Charleston

Wow! Today was the second day of tax free weekend in Charleston. I closed today, so before work I went to the LYS called Knit. This place is fabulous!!!

I met Gaye, the owner and she is from Monroe. I looked around the store for some yarn and then sat and knitted with the locals. I loved meetigthe gang and even had a little peer pressure to pick up a bag. Now I own two more balls of Noro and an Orange Namaste bag! Yay!

I finished the HP scarf for Beth and am now working on a cap for Jen




Down in Charleston

•July 31, 2008 • Comments Off on Down in Charleston

Wow! What a beautiful store!!!

Ladies and gents, Apple has come to SC and it is a good thing! The King St store is so beautiful and the staff are awesome!

I worked yesterday and willbe doing a little exploring today after I finish some work up at the store. Then the Tax Free extravaganza happens!


Almost moved!

•July 28, 2008 • Comments Off on Almost moved!

Well I had to work this weekend and Mom and my brother moved most if the stuff into the new place. I get to move the rest! Who hoo!

Off to move

Testing out WordPress!

•July 25, 2008 • 1 Comment

Hmmm…. OK I am a tech junkie, and now that WordPress app is available for the iPhone, I had to see what it was like!

House update… Supposed to close on the new place today at 2pm. I hope this is it!

I finished the hat that the fabulous Tivini (Ravelry) made the gift package for me. I love this hat and definitely make more…

Ain't I cute?